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Faculty Open Forum with Chancellor - Shared screen with speaker view
Lauren Wilson
We also have the interpreter available; you can make sure the video stays on the front screen by hovering over Gwenyth Sutphin’s video, clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner, and selecting “Pin”.
Albert Baker, Interim Chair, CPSC UALR
Will the faculty salary survey also include a look at the corresponding industry salaries?
Lauren Wilson
Please feel free to ask questions through the chat; you can send it just to me to remain anonymous. You can also raise your hand to ask your question verbally.
Janet Davis
Along with the focus on addressing disparity issues with staff and faculty, how do you see this initiative possibly impacting outsiders perspective of UALR, or are they even aware of this effort to address racial inequality?
Elizabeth Lee
Apologies, just got out of another meeting
Ronia Kattoum
Lauren Wilson
Please feel free to ask questions through the chat; you can send it just to me to remain anonymous. You can also raise your hand to ask your question verbally.
Gerald Driskill
About 10 ? years back, I did a university wide assessment on this outcome and a proposed next steps. There are great models out there.
Larry Smith (he/him)
A Multicultural or Diversity studies requirement is a very sound idea.
Johanna Lewis
Blue Ribbons goes back a couple of decades at least.
Gerald Driskill
Whatever model, we need one that goes beyond the core.
Brian Mitchell
I believe that one of the assessment factors in the core is Cultural Competency
Gerald Driskill
our national level association has this as one outcome and we have adopted that outcome and assess it now.
Krista Lewis
Both Intro to Sociology and Understanding Cultures (Anthropology) are in the Social Science core and cover these issues. We also have Intro to Gender Studies in the Social Science core
Theresa Beiner
Cultural competency is included in the learning outcomes in law school accreditation standards.
Amar Kanekar
We have a cultural competency course as a major requirement.
Mia Phillips
A required course in diversity or multicultural studies was requested by a group of students in 2018. Not a large group of students, but it was requested nonetheless.
Jana McAuliffe (she/her)
I personally support adding such a requirement to the core, in addition, I appreciate Edma’s point that it needs to be supported programmatically as well. As we know, learning needs to be continually reinforced We have been meeting this semester (in philosophy) to discuss how we can do a better job or serving our minority students and integrating non-white, non-male thinkers in our classes. It is easier in some philosophy fields than others, and the work is ongoing. It is possible that other programs are doing this as well, and we might find it helpful to connect with each other to learn how we are addressing these issues in our diverse fields.
Tom Tudor
We deal with these issues in the School of Business in various courses
Albert Baker, Interim Chair, CPSC UALR
For some disciplines, the demographics of professionals in the field make it particularly difficult to address diversity in hiring in higher ed. Of course, if we don't do better in the academy, we're not going to make progress on the larger issue of diversity in the profession. It's a recursive dilemma.
Brian Mitchell
Thanks for your comments Larry!
Mark Baillie (he/him/his)
How much resistance is there amongst the faculty to seriously consider racial bias and systemic racism? That will go towards the “buy in” comment just made
Tom Tudor
A survey could be sent to the campus dealing with what is currently being taught in our courses to get an idea of the current coverage.
Gerald Driskill
On the division, one common ground area is that for organizations of all kinds to be effective, enhancing intercultural competence is central (well documented in the literature). My dissertation was in an engineering firm focused on this area.
Mark Baillie (he/him/his)
And to focus on Larry’s comment, our biggest loss of talent is in the introductory STEM courses.
Albert Baker, Interim Chair, CPSC UALR
Chairs Council meeting starts at 3pm. Please excuse me.
Gerald Driskill
My bias, and hope, if someone comes from an anti critical race theory or some other perspective that suggests a lack of understanding, we have the opportunity to listen, engage, and educate rather than polarize.
Edma Delgado
I like your idea, Tom of doing a survey of ways that we teach and what we cover.
Gerald Driskill
One thought, to gain traction, rather than to wait for a university wide core and upper level intercultural competency, find ways to show case those with those outcomes and assessment going on now to provide models, learn from each other.
Brian Mitchell
Thank you all!!!
Jana McAuliffe (she/her)
Thanks Lauren!
Gerald Driskill
Thank you!
Kirk Leach
Thank you everyone